Monday, 25 March 2013

The Bauer Kitchen in Waterloo.


As I was on a business lunch at the Bauer Kitchen, I thought what a great time to blog about this great K-Town experience.  I have wanted to try this restaurant for some time and was pleasantly surprised.  There was so many great thing to say about this restaurant.  I love the urban style setting for young and old.  I found that in the middle of the day it was very upbeat and the  atmosphere was a class act for sure.  I love the way the everything is open to the chefs in the back and you can see all the action of the kitchen. I found the food to be full of flavor and every dish was presented.  The flavours of the dishes were blended beautifully and the in house home made bread was incredible!  They do have a Sunday brunch which I have heard very good things about. 

I can't wait  to try this one as a date night with husband and experience the evening atmosphere!!